The real estate market is booming! Homes are going up for sale quickly. They get multiple bids and offers, choosing one within a few days. This makes it really hard to get ahead in today’s real estate market. 

That being said, there are plenty of ways that you can still get ahead while investing in real estate. Here are three ways to do so. 

Flipping homes. 

Flipping homes is still big, even in today’s market. However, the risks are a little higher, due to the rising home prices and increased cost of labor and materials. That being said, there are still plenty of homes that are available to buy, fix up, and sell.

You just might need to expand your market. You can choose homes that are farther away, and still make good money flipping them. Some people are even buying homes in other states! You may also want to look at auctions and homes that have been foreclosed on. These homes often are cheaper than other homes, simply due to the situation that they are in. 

Financing rehab.

Since the risks are higher (and you may have to spend more to make a buck), it is important that you get the right refinancing. Talk to multiple lenders to see how you can save money, even while you are buying the properties that you want. You might be amazed at what they can offer you, with either refinancing or new financing! You may be able to borrow more money than you ever imagined, just to help you get ahead in today’s real estate market. 

Focus on rental properties.

Whether you only flip houses or you have multiple real estate streams, you may want to look into rental properties. More and more people are looking for homes to rent, when they can’t find a home that they want to buy. In fact, it many places, it is much more affordable to rent than it is to buy. For this reason, people are choosing to sell their home and move into a rental. 

Because of that, there is a huge market for rental properties. You may even find funding which makes it even more affordable for you to buy multiple properties to rent out! In fact, there is no cap on how many rental loans you can get, even if they don’t have any tenants in the house at the moment! 

So, what does this mean for you? 

Whether you have been in real estate for years or you just want to get started, there is no better time. Even though you might struggle due to the demand of good homes, you can branch out and get started. You might not be able to rely on just one way of making money with real estate. You may have to add some rental properties into your flipping business (or vise versa)! Many people prefer to rent at this moment, and there aren’t enough homes for them! 

Financing is available for those who are willing to take a risk. You may also want to look for homes that aren’t on the market. You could find good homes at auction, those who have been foreclosed, and just driving around and asking! You might be amazed at how many people would be willing to sell you their home, just to get out of it! 

If you want to get ahead in the real estate market, you need someone that you can trust to help you through it. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to get started. We will help you find the right lending to reach all of your real estate goals.