Rod Wilson

Rod has over 28 years of experience in all aspects of real estate, including remodeling, building, managing and marketing both residential and commercial properties. With a background in funding and managing his own real estate investments and development projects, Rod understands what it takes to be successful and satisfy the needs of lenders and investors. Rod uses his degree in Finance (CSU Northridge) and vast experience in entitlement, construction, finance and negotiations to structure projects to minimize risk and maximize returns. 

Rod believes the key to success in real estate development is to see what others don’t see, and create great designs and user experiences that the market will appreciate and pay for. His goal is to outperform other assets by leveraging his team of professionals to add value and deliver a superior product every time and at every price-point. Recent projects include residential rehabs in the greater bay area where adding square footage, fixing obsolete layouts and functional issues, and a unique design were the norm. 

With Rod’s past experience in managing difficult development projects and challenging market conditions, he is able to overcome difficulties and surprises that inevitably arise in residential construction. Rod is also very effective in the entitlement and construction permitting processes, as well as managing infrastructure projects to an on-time/on-budget final completion. 

General Manager – Newport Investment Partners LLC & Diversified Capital Partners LLC

Owner – Diversified Developers

Rod lives in Los Gatos with his wife and three kids.