Kelly Etue

Office: (949) 656-7307
Mobile: (310) 909-9488

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Loan Origination Manager

Kelly Etue

Kelly Etue is a Loan Origination Manager at Center Street Lending. She is the third generation in her family to work in the real estate industry. With over 12 years of real estate experience, Kelly’s expertise makes her a valuable part of the Center Street Lending Sales Team.

Prior to working as a Loan Origination Manager with Center Street Lending, Kelly worked at Arixa Capital/Crosswind Financial as a Private Money Loan Originator and Underwriter. While there, Kelly had zero defaulted loans and an excellent retention of borrowers. Along with her extensive experience, Kelly is outstanding at problem solving, decision making, and communicating with her clients through every step of the lending process. She truly values the relationships with her clients.

To Kelly, customer service means going above and beyond for each borrower and broker to deliver superior service and positive attitude throughout the entire process. She can see and share their vision for each of their projects to enable clients to reach their goals.

“Kelly is responsive, hardworking, competent and tenacious. She focuses on getting results and does not give up. When problems arise, she’ll always find ways to work around them. I almost lost a house and the deposit, but Kelly spent the entire evening on the phone with the company’s president and found solutions, so we could still close. Most people would have given up and moved on, but she did not. My kind of woman. She is a huge asset to the company because she is one of the first people, that clients interact with to get the process started. Although most people I have worked with at Center Street Lending have been nothing but professional and kind, she is one of the most organized and meticulous.”

Mary M | Maryland

“Kelly is very responsive, and she makes an effort to make things work. We almost did not close due to lack of an appraisal, and she got on the phone with the company president and got him to waive the appraisal requirement, so we were able to move forward. She is very driven and did not just accept the situation; she tried to find a solution. That is called leadership. ”